10 07, 2012
  • Faery

Life: Faery

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                            "So after watching you make lemon curd then lavender sugar, I've become convinced that you're a witch or some sort of baking sprite or faery."

12 06, 2012
  • 5 pounds

Life: 5 pounds.

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Overheard: "Honey, you'll always be 5 pounds too ugly."

8 05, 2012
  • No talking.

Life: No talking.

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Overheard: "I could be gay for 'sharkboy'...but only if he doesn't talk..."

10 04, 2012
  • Balls in the dryer.

Life: Balls in the dryer.

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Overheard: Mother-in-law: "Kai, I found your blue balls in the dryer..." Kai: "Oh, that's where I like to keep them.

13 03, 2012
  • Smart-mouth

Life: Smart mouth.

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Overheard: Kai: "Are you eating that tomato like an apple?" Me: "That depends. Do you put salt on your apple?" Kai: "I like your smart mouth."

14 02, 2012
  • Is-it-safe

Life: Is it safe?

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Me: "what is it?" Kai: "google it." Me: "is it safe?" Kai: "probably." ..... Me: "EW!" Kai: "oops."

24 01, 2012
  • Frosty-Boxers

Life: Frosty boxers.

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Overheard: Kai in hallway in his boxers. MIL: “You don't have any clothes on!” Kai: “Yeah.” MIL: “Did you take a shower?” Kai: “No, I was outside.” MIL: “You were outside without your clothes on?!” Kai: “No, I was taking pictures outside and there was snow up to my knees.” MIL: “Oh.” Me, seeing Kai

10 01, 2012
  • Maximum-Speed

Life: Maximum speed.

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Kai: "We're going roughly the maximum speed of a house cat." Me: "I'll maximum speed your housecat....... Ooo that was a good one." Kai: "...yeah it was..."