31 10, 2012
  • Halloween

Choo-Choo and Vivi-Veda-Voo

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*Pictures from the 2 other trick or treats we went to. I'll probably upload some from tonight later. We went to the Halloween party at church last Wednesday and it was a really fun trial run for our costumes! We got to hang out with a lot of kids from church and eat cookies and

19 10, 2012
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Awkward/Awesome: Spilled Milk, No Tears

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Awkward: I'm the one who dropped a gallon of milk at Costco last week. But I did tell someone instead of just scurrying away... Mostly because there was a worker standing there... Glee 3rd season. Wow. Were they just trying to use any and every plot device known to man? Gay/Lesbian, teen pregnancy, losing an

2 10, 2012
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Life: Standing On The Tracks In A Prom Dress…

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Since my life kind of exploded into craziness (I went to college, got married, moved, got a cat, moved, graduated college, moved, had a baby, moved thrice, had another baby and moved again.) about the same time my nieces and nephews entered their teen years, I don't really know them very well anymore. I guess

5 09, 2012
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Vintage Angry Duckface.

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Last week I had this brilliant idea for my husband to take a road trip through the Midwest/Badlands and really round out his Jumping Fences series. If you haven't checked it out yet, click on over! He also just entered part of the series into the One Life Photo Competition. You can check out his

28 08, 2012
  • julia-1

Life: Julia

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Some of you are friends with me on my personal Facebook page and read that my Grandma Julia passed away a little over a week ago. This is what I wrote at the time: "My Grandma Julia passed away last night. I didn't get to know her very well but I will always remember her