Dear Random Lady at Target:

Please don’t walk up to my 2 1/2 year old who is crying and tell him that Santa is watching and he better stop being such a naughty boy. He was crying because his finger got pinched, he was hurt, and didn’t want to be in the cart. He’s not naughty. He’s excitable, he’s rambunctious, he’s impatient at times but he’s not naughty.

Also, we aren’t so much doing the whole Santa thing so don’t try to use it as a threat with my kids. They will think you are crazy. We’ll tell our kids about St. Nick when they are a little older and explain the concept of giving gifts just to give joy without expecting something back and we will all have a Santa gift but it won’t be big and it won’t be more than 1.

I understand your intent was to make him think about his actions and perhaps spread Christmas cheer but you aren’t the naughty police and Santa doesn’t need you shaming children into behaving.