Last week I had this brilliant idea for my husband to take a road trip through the Midwest/Badlands and really round out his Jumping Fences series. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click on over! He also just entered part of the series into the One Life Photo Competition. You can check out his entry here.

So, moving on from the shameless husband-promotion (he is amazing!), he also thought my idea was brilliant and it worked out that we had this week pretty well to ourselves and thus he is gone for a week. A WEEK! I have no idea what to do with myself. We are a team. Every day. In every way… he is the wind beneath my wings… or something like that. Because he’s mine and walks the line (oh my goodness, somebody stop me), he’s been updating me now and then on where he is and what kind of beautiful work he’s doing.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in the past but, I like to send random pictures of myself to my husband’s cell phone. Not dirty pictures (usually, although there is a funny story there but I can’t keep getting sidetracked!) but just silly, random photos. And sometimes I name them. They usually happen when I see someone upload a truly spectacular self-portrait photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (Oh my goodness! Hi, my name is Kit and I am a social media addict!) and in my own terribly mean and rude way I like to make fun of them. Not the people… just the photos… that’s not so terrible, right? Meh. I don’t really care if it is. I’m bad like that.

So, in return for him keeping me stocked on his beautiful images, I decided I would continue my habit of sending random photos of myself to him and up it to one or several a day while he’s gone. I get beautiful fine art photos, he gets mediocre (but entertaining) photos of his super hot wife. It evens out, yes?

And since his laptop is what I use for photo editing and I don’t have any images (or the needed software) on my computer, YOU get to be a part of a new silly series called “Photos I Randomly Send My Husband’! Yay, exciting for you!

So because you so politely read all of that you get a “Photo I Randomly Send My Husband’ today! Amazing, right?

I’ll most likely be posting erratically this week and next (okay and maybe the next one as well) as there is more fun times to be had for this family.