Cloth diapers are super awesome.

Here is five reasons why I love them:

      1. Less garbage. We had 3 times the amount of trash going out before we switched to cloth.
      2. We are saving money. After looking at out utility bills, cost of diapers, wipes, detergent, etc we are saving quite a bit of money each month. The initial investment can be steep depending on the type of cloth diapers you are getting but since we did mainly prefolds and flats with covers we spent just a few hundred dollars and have already saved that much in not buying disposables each month.
      3. Our house doesn’t stink like poop from diapers filling up all of our trash cans and we don’t have to have a special trash can to try to contain the smell. Also, disposables have a really awful chemical smell to them whereas our cloth diapers smell like fresh air and sunshine.
      4. They have been just as easy as disposables and when I think about all the times I had to run out to buy diapers because we were out, the laundry time seems like nothing.
      5. They are cuter. This is a silly one since they are just poop catchers but it’s true.

Of course there is always a catch. Since Gus has started having some solid food he’s also starting to have more solid poop. Which means it’s time to invest in a diaper sprayer. Awesome.