I feel like Kai’s first semester of grad school (which began the same time we moved here and Dex started preschool and we started cloth diapering) we all just fell into an amazing routine and everything went smoothly and everyone was happy. Then we started getting sick and had holiday breaks and the snowpocalypse that would never end. After all of that this semester has seemed impossible to get into the swing of things. It’s almost over and I’m constantly struggling with cooking, cleaning, laundry, everything. My best laid plans for all of those things that worked so well before have been proven ineffective without the proper motivation. That being some kind of general human avoidance of living in squalor.

On top of the general state of filth, I’ve barely done anything with Veda for Tot School. Every day we drop Dex off his preschool on a farm and Veda asks what we will be doing for Tot School. Mondays are always out because we go grocery shopping which leaves 2 days a week for her to have some kind of project, game, craft, etc. just for her. And I’ve just sucked. I was finally able to convince Veda that grocery shopping was a Tot School activity by printing off some BINGO cards with grocery items so she is on the lookout for certain things to cross off her ‘list’. When Dex is with us they race to see who will be able to cross off all the items first. Super, super awesome!

Other days she colors or does a workbook activity and we call it good. Some days she watches a movie. I’m thinking homeschool would not be a good option for us. Today though, today I suggested painting and her face lit up with excitement. We used to paint several times a week but somewhere along the line we just quit getting it out because it seemed like so much work.

We’ve got so much to do today to get ready for Dex’s birthday party tomorrow but taking a little time to do something special with Veda was totally worth it. I forgot how much she loves painting and helps with every step from getting all the supplies out and cleaning up at the end. I’m so thankful for little things that make her day. It would have been so easy (and usual) to brush her off because we have other things to get done. But the rest of the house will get cleaned up well enough. The laundry will get started and somewhat finished. And staying up late to finish the activities for Dex’s party actually works out better for me anyways. It’s worth it to have her smile and paint me a beautiful picture just for my desk.

What are you thankful for today?