I ran to Target today to grab a few things and my card was declined. First came a moment of embarrassment and then immediately there was quite a bit of concern. Why would my card be declined? Oh my gosh, what happened to all of our money? I calmed myself down and remembered an email I got a while ago that my card had been involved in the big Target Fraud scandal around Thanksgiving. They said they’d be sending me a new card and I promptly forgot about it until that moment. I explained I needed to call my bank right away and they suspended the sale while I tried to find a quiet spot where we would be out of the way.

While not the absolute most annoying thing in this situation but realllllllly annoying was that my bank has the voice command feature when you call them. So if anyone is talking in the background it doesn’t know which voice to listen to. Super awesome in a busy store with 3 concerned children wondering why we didn’t take our sacks. I confirmed my account balance was more than enough to cover my purchase and asked five or six times to speak to a representative. I pushed zero to cut through the voice crap and then had to go through it another five or six times because it had to know why I was calling. OHMYGOSHI’MGOINGTOSCREAM!

I finally spoke with someone who said my card had been cancelled because of the Target Fraud situation and I should have received a new one a few months ago. A few months ago. A few months ago. Well… I obviously hadn’t received it and that was very concerning to both of us. As I was verifying my information with the bank someone came and asked me to come talk with them for a bit. Um. What? Sure let me just haul my 3 children off to be interrogated by someone while on the phone with my bank trying to make sure my identity hasn’t been stolen. That’s all awesome sauce.

It was pretty awesome trying to deal with them and the bank while Gus had a blowout all over himself and me. Solid morning. Thanks for the memories. And it didn’t escape my twisted sense of humor that this all started because I had to shop at Target during that stupid window of time that those card numbers were stolen.

We finally got it straightened out that I wasn’t in possession of stolen cards and it was just a simple mistake and all our cards attached to our checking account are now cancelled just in case. I was able to pay for my purchases with a credit card. It all worked out. Fraud protection will be watching our account, again just in case. I’m pretty thankful for that. Even with a really horrible experience, I’m glad they are on top of things.


What are you thankful for today?