I’m really enjoying my Sunbeam class at church, it’s challenging. 3 and 4 year olds tend to be.. challenging. It’s really rewarding and fun too. It’s been interesting to go back to the very basics and kind of re-learn the gospel from the ground up. Some weeks it’s so nice to think and ponder on the things I’ll be teaching. And sometimes it’s really hard to give a lesson the attention and preparation I should. The last several weeks have been “I’m thankful for water.”, “I’m thankful for trees, plants, and flowers.”, “I’m thankful for fish.”. “I’m thankful for animals.”, and “I’m thankful for birds and insects.” Those are such incredibly simple things to base a lesson on and don’t seem to have much heft in the way of gospel principles. But when we talk about these things in class they are so amazed by the world around them. Everything is new and special. So I’m striving to see the world that way too.