In my online circles BF = breast feeding and BFF = well… it still equals best friends forever.

Today we had Gus’s 9 month well-check and big surprise, he’s still a peanut! He’s maintained a 3-5th percentile growth curve for his 9 months but he was slightly lower for weight this month. So, again, they want us back in a month to make sure his weight curve doesn’t drop any lower.

I’m all for making sure he is healthy and developing like he should. And even though Gus has always been on that 3-5th percentile curve which makes a lot of doctors freak, I’m thankful that we have a doctor who hasn’t suggested supplementing. Because she is looking at the big picture of Gus’s health which is exactly the best thing to look at. Gus may be a peanut but he’s eating well, peeing and pooping well, he’s meeting his developmental milestones on track. In short, he’s doing great. No worries.

Except… he’s a peanut and they want us to come in to check his weight. Even looking at the big picture there is that little voice that whispers what if? What if he’s not getting enough, what if something’s wrong? Oh, I hate that voice. Sometimes it’s hard to know which is your motherly instinct. Is it what’s telling you he’s fine or what’s telling you he might not be? Even after successfully breastfeeding 2.5 children it’s still there. And we are fast approaching the point when Dex and Veda each weaned and I will no longer have the benefit of experience for reassurance.

Lucky for me, I’ve got a BFF who is a lactation consultant and general awesome person and she helped remind me of all the reasons he seems to be doing just right. Which helps me feel more confident that I’m trusting my instincts to keep doing what we are doing and he is perfect as a sweet little peanut.