We got some sidewalk chalk at the Dollar Store a few days ago and kind of forgot about it since it has been a little cold the last few days. Veda asked if we could take a walk if we bundled up and Dex said he had a really great idea for a project on our walk. I was a little wary because usually a project involves quite a lot of work for me and the “reward” is not so much existent. So I was pleasantly surprised and incredibly proud when Dex’s idea turned out to be something we could do for our Random Act of Kindness (RAK)!

Dex’s idea was to take the sidewalk chalk with us and draw pictures around the neighborhood to cheer people up on their walks or jogs. We wrote messages like “Keep up the good work!”, “Free Smiles!”, “Have a happy day!” etc. and Dex and Veda drew hearts, rainbows, smiley faces, flowers, dinosaurs, etc. every couple of squares on our entire walk. We covered probably 2 blocks each on 4 streets.

Hopefully there are no curmudgeons who get mad at us for putting graffiti on their sidewalk and just a bunch of happy people who appreciate our random act of kindness for today.

What random act of kindness will you do tomorrow?