Dinner was fun tonight. I didn’t realize how long it would take so it was really late and of course everything kept going wrong. I kept going though because that stupid casserole was not going to get the best of me! I got through to the part where you actually put it in the oven and it was great. Except. The stupid bread crumbs on top just would not brown. It was already an hour past bedtime for the kids and I was starting to get a little wild-eyed. So I turned on the broiler to speed things up.

My nose started to twitch a little and then the back of my throat felt scratchy and then I realized it was a little hazy in there. I yelled some swears and jerked the stupid casserole out of the stupid oven and went to my stupid room for a few minutes to ponder the stupidness of everything. Then I came back out and used my pastry knife to scrape off the top layer of crumbs. I optimistically called it blackened and it wasn’t too bad at all. The kids took a few bites and declared themselves done and I had seconds just to show that stupid casserole I meant business.

I’m thankful that sometimes it’s not as bad as it looks and who wouldn’t want blackened casserole anyways?

What are you thankful for today?