• It started as a day late and then I woke up and I was three days behind.
  • I couldn’t post anything because I didn’t have the necessary programs on my new computer.
  • Kai needed his computer for stupid things.. you know, like work and school.
  • I was also behind on my other work.
  • and laundry. Especially diaper laundry.
  • I was exhausted every night by the time Kai got home from his stupid things (work and school) so I went to bed after dinner every night for a week.
  • A week behind easily turned into two when the stomach flu hit us.
  • Even though I’ve been writing my posts or notes for them every day, I was so far behind posting that I felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed.
  • I contemplated just quitting the project.
  • and ate a lot of girl scout cookies.


  • I got some good sleep some of the nights I didn’t stay up to get things done.
  • Kai was able to fix my new computer.
  • and eventually load the programs I needed.
  • I got my other work done slowly.
  • Even made sure Gus would have clean poop catchers.
  • I survived several days on Gatorade and sheer strength of will.
  • I lived to see the sun return.
  • I watched almost all 8 seasons of Dexter in a week instead of posting my thankful posts.
  • I’m not sorry.
  • I’m a little sorry about the cookies but I am happy to say I’m all caught up on posts.

What are you thankful for today?