It was nap time when I heard a timid knock at my door followed quickly by the shrill peal of our doorbell. I jumped up and glanced hastily around trying to determine how much I could pick up and shove into the closet on my way to the door. You know, just in case it was someone I would be embarrassed to see the filth we live in. I stood on tiptoes to check the peep-hole and used that moment to catch my breath. Jumping up from the floor while holding a sleeping baby, keeping him asleep I might add, and adjusting my hair, clothes, and shoving blankets and toys out of my way is a great cardio workout.

I see a small blob bobbing back and forth, oh good it’s running away! Oh drat, I think it heard me lose my balance and fall against the door. Here is comes back up. I paste a smile on my face and open the door. There she is. The most adorable girl in the world. Wearing a Girl Scout uniform with a bazillion badges on her sash and her mom standing on the sidewalk with her adorable red wagon loaded for bear with delicious cookies.

She takes a deep breath and says nervously but very polite, “Hi, my name is Izzy and I’m a girl scout from troop WXYZ. Do you need any cookies today?”

I want to cry. Of course I don’t need cookies. And yet… I glance behind me at my messy living room where 2 of my 3 children are still napping and realize I do need cookies. I need cookies. But I don’t have any cash.

“We take checks…”

Of course you do. Izzy is a mind reader as well as adorable. I ask for 1 box of caramel delights.

“That will be $3.50, miss.”

Oh, she’s good. “Hmm. Better make it 2 boxes then.”

“Ok! $7.00.” she replies with a huge grin and runs to her wagon while I grab my checkbook.

I come sit on my front steps, holding a squirmy Gus while struggling to make out the check. I figure somewhat legible, Kindergarten-esque printing is good enough and let Gus gnaw on the boxes of cookies as Izzy and her mom hit my neighbors. I crack open a box and eat 4 cookies while enjoying the sun on my face and the quiet growling of Gus before I head inside to surprise Dex and Veda with cookies for snack time.

I’m thankful for a beautiful day and a con-artist girl scout. Of course I need cookies.