I’m a little bit Iowish. Kiss me, I’m Irish. I love St. Patrick’s Day! I know it has become a heavily commercial holiday that has little to do with Ireland or redheads or green or even St. Patrick himself but I still love it. I’ve always loved St. Patrick’s Day because it’s pretty awesome to be a redhead. Unless you look even remotely like a leprechaun.. which I don’t. So it’s pretty amazing for me. I shove the whole St. Patrick and snakes idea out of the way and celebrate being a redhead. Because I can.

I was a little off my game this year, I’m thinking it’s because my red hair is now purple? It was a bittersweet holiday. We did all wear green and we made a couple of rainbow/green themed crafts throughout the week but otherwise we keep it pretty low-key. We don’t do leprechaun traps or hunts and there were no pots of gold anywhere to be seen. I didn’t even bother looking at Pinterest because honestly, every holiday doesn’t/shouldn’t need to be a huge event. Your brats are spoiled and ruining life for everyone else! Just kidding. I don’t care and I’m pretty sure my kids will love me anyways. I didn’t even make corned beef today. Instead I made bangers and mash with roasted Brussels sprouts. YUM! I’m making corned beef later in the week though because we just can’t not have it. That would be horrible.

What are you thankful for?