I’m just going to believe that purple Gatorade is made by kind-hearted fairies. It has continued to be the only thing I’ve managed to keep down, in, or near me all day.  I do feel like I should disclose that I normally make my own “Gatorade” or “Pedialyte” and it’s crazy easy to do. I got the recipe from 100 Days of Real Food. It’s just: mix together: 1 quart water, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and a splash of juice. It’s that simple and it works amazingly well.

We prefer it to the store-bought stuff because not only does it not have the crap added to the store-bought stuff, we can use whatever juice we want to flavor it, and make small batches any time we need it. However, I was extremely ill and Kai was still feeling the effects of his turn at stomach flu on Tuesday and the kids weren’t feeling great so even extremely easy and having all of the ingredients was more than we could handle. Purple Gatorade for me and fast comfort food for everyone else to the rescue!

I’m thankful for keeping something, anything down. I’m thankful for a husband who took care of me last night and tonight. I’m thankful for amazing kids who watched movies all day and let me lay on the floor and feel like I was dying in peace.

What are you thankful for today?