15 05, 2012
  • Southern Overlords

Life: Southern Overlords.

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aMusing: My husband was telling me about a lady with a cart full of canned peaches. He said, "What is she afraid of, a second civil war? Does she want to be able to appease her new southern masters with her bounty of peaches?"

8 05, 2012
  • No talking.

Life: No talking.

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Overheard: "I could be gay for 'sharkboy'...but only if he doesn't talk..."

1 05, 2012
  • College celebrities

Life: College celebrities.

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*I can't believe that 3 years ago I was figuring out life with a week old baby, moving, and graduating. *"D-E-X that's Dex. D-E-X that's Veda. D-E-X that's Mommy. D-E-X that's Daddy.... Mommy how do you spell Un-Goo?" *I'm looking forward to sitting on the patio drinking some homemade limeade while the kids play and

17 04, 2012
  • Tight pants

Life: Tight pants.

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Life Tip: If I can clearly see the outline of your bikini style underwear, your pants are too tight. I'm talking to you, old man at Hy-Vee.

10 04, 2012
  • Balls in the dryer.

Life: Balls in the dryer.

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Overheard: Mother-in-law: "Kai, I found your blue balls in the dryer..." Kai: "Oh, that's where I like to keep them.

3 04, 2012
  • March-is-for-suckers

Life: March is for suckers.

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*Kai: "Sometimes you're like an open pop-up book of crazy." *What a gorgeous day. I'm so excited to go play. Yes, I'm the mom who goes down the slide and plays tag and is generally going to be embarrassing when the kids are older. For now they love that I play with them and I'm

20 03, 2012
  • Oh-balls

Life: Oh balls.

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aMusing: I was telling Kai the other day that I always say, "balls!" when upset because I thought of it as if someone threw a bunch of marbles or bouncy balls in front of you, causing you to trip and skid across them... Cause that'd be a bad situation and you would be like, "Oh

13 03, 2012
  • Smart-mouth

Life: Smart mouth.

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Overheard: Kai: "Are you eating that tomato like an apple?" Me: "That depends. Do you put salt on your apple?" Kai: "I like your smart mouth."

6 03, 2012
  • Secret squirrel

Life: Secret squirrel.

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*I am so beyond grumpy today. I even tried dancing the grumpies out. Twice. I think the only cure is bedtime. Oh good, that's now. *Sprained my ankle last night while working out. Yep. I'm all kinds of klutsy but especially that kind. *I've got a bug. I feel like yuck. We did manage to

14 02, 2012
  • Is-it-safe

Life: Is it safe?

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Me: "what is it?" Kai: "google it." Me: "is it safe?" Kai: "probably." ..... Me: "EW!" Kai: "oops."