2 03, 2012
  • Not-A-Klutz

Awkward/Awesome: Not A Klutz.

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Awkward: * I sprained my ankle while working out. It's a sign. * "You're not a klutz, you're... awkward." Thanks, Dad. * Yes, I am going to my 10 year reunion. It will be really great. Just me and.... Hmm... Just me. * The 24 week course costs how much?! * The relief of letting

24 02, 2012
  • Alien-Gremlin-Baby

Awkward/Awesome: Alien Gremlin Baby.

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Awkward: * Workout followed by a bowl of cereal while watching Futurama. The awkward part is waking up 3 hours later with the bowl on my chest and not being able to find the spoon.... ? * I breathe a sigh of relief when you're creepy pregnancy ticker baby stops looking like an alien gremlin.

17 02, 2012
  • Being-Bad

Awkward/Awesome: Being Bad.

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Awkward: These were all separate conversations this week: * Being deleted and blocked for saying that as Christians we should have compassion instead of judgement and encourage sex education as opposed to banning abortion. * Being told I'm a bad Christian because of my stance on gay marriage. I am for legalizing same sex marriage.

10 02, 2012
  • Snoctopus

Awkward/Awesome: Snoctopus.

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Awkward: * If you leave your toilet lid up your bathroom is covered in a nice fine mist of poo water. Ditto for public restrooms. Just think of how much poo mist 4 toilets in 1 room would make. Is it any wonder I'm OCD? * I don't even know who played in the Super

3 02, 2012
  • Kitties-and-Dinosaurs

Awkward/Awesome: Kitties and Dinosaurs.

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Awkward: * There's no way to hide having just eaten a bag of Cheetos in a moment of insanity. Orange fingers don't lie. * I wore skinny jeans with my hightop converse kicks. I admit it. Stop judging me! * Everyone now scrutinizing me, wondering if I really AM pregnant. (100% not pregnant at this

27 01, 2012
  • Midnight-Brownies

Awkward/Awesome: Midnight Brownies.

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Awkward: * Most of my awkwards and awesomes are too personal or snarky to actually share with anyone but my husband. Just think about THAT. * When women post photos of their positive pregnancy test. Um... You peed on that... Made so much worse when you don't put the cap back on the end. (I

20 01, 2012
  • Rainbows

Awkward/Awesome: Rainbows.

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Awkward: * Dex: "No, you *need* to put it on my butt." "I'm too sad to open the door." "I don't like to eat dogs anymore." "Oh, so cute (when we saw deer poop in the yard)." And "No, *you* will poop rainbows, Mommy." * When I warn Veda not to do something she gives

13 01, 2012
  • Superstitious

Awkward/Awesome: Superstitious?

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Awkward: * Being twinsies with the husband, again, but not realizing it until we've already left the house. Then realizing we dressed the kids just like us. Yep, we're that creepy family that dresses alike right down to our kicks. * Strangers saying, "oh it sounds like somebody needs a nap!" to your screaming 2

6 01, 2012
  • Stripper-Moves-and-Porn-Sites

Awkward/Awesome: Stripper Moves and Porn Sites.

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Awkward: * Doing one of those fancy dance off games with my sisters in front of a crowd of 30ish people. Some of those moves were raaaaaacy. * Turns out my new blog name was too similar to a popular porn site. Yikes! Back to square one. Suggestions? * When people say, "oh you look

30 12, 2011
  • Sealed

Awkward/Awesome: Sealed.

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Awkward: * Having that time of the month hit when you will be wearing all white for several hours. That seems really fair. * I like to honk at random groups of teenagers who are randomly walking around town. Darn hooligans. * I 'flashed' my husband my t-shirt under my cardigan and he said, "woo!