11 05, 2012
  • Crabby-Pants

Awkward/Awesome: Crabby Pants.

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Awkward: * The drunk and crabby old man who ordered me off his property while we were taking photos. One instance in which being sweet and unassuming did not help me. Next time post it, crabby pants. * 2 days of fever induced crazy talk + 1 day of concussion induced crazy talk = just

4 05, 2012
  • Covered-In-Butter-Spray

Awkward/Awesome: Covered In Butter Spray.

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Awkward: * Painting toenails in the car. Even more so whilst wearing skinny jeans. * Being super excited that the sequel to Divergent just came out. I ♥ dystopians and I don't care if it's weird I'm 27 and I ♥ young adult books. * After working all day I get to come home covered

27 04, 2012
  • Face-Plant

Awkward/Awesome: Face Plant.

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Awkward: * The amazing face plant I took while walking up some stairs. We're talking bruises, rug burn, and twisted ankle. Since I was holding Veda it was total mom ninja reflexes that allowed me to take the full hit while protecting her. Good to know my clumsiness is trumped by being a mom. *

20 04, 2012
  • Clown-Eyes

Awkward/Awesome: Clown Eyes.

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Awkward: * Being totally ok with the kids having a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with their breakfast. * I stopped exercising and lost 5 pounds. Wait... That should probably be an awesome. (I cut out almost all heavily processed and engineered foods in the last 2 weeks.) * I miss exercising. Yuck. * My

13 04, 2012
  • Very-Superstitious

Awkward/Awesome: Very Superstitious.

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Awkward: * I bought a dress 3 sizes too big because I really liked the fabric and every size smaller was just too short. Is it just me or is it suddenly incredibly hard to find modest dresses that don't look like 'mom clothes'? At least I'm really learning how to put together cute outfits

6 04, 2012
  • No-Good-Awful-Week

Awkward/Awesome: No Good Awful Week

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Awkward: * A cold sore the day before an interview. Thank you boy who kissed me in kindergarten during 'boys chase girls', I so appreciate you giving me 'whore lip'. Note: I went anyways even though I was horribly embarrassed and self conscious. So don't judge people with cold sores. It probably was the fault

30 03, 2012
  • Heeeeey-Baaaaaaby

Awkward/Awesome: Heeeeey Baaaaaaaby.

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Awkward: * Having to walk across town with a numbed up face after my dentist appointment. Please ignore the drool and vacant expression. * A guy I went to high school with doing a slow drive by with a "heeeey baaaaaaby". I'm SO glad to be living here. Really. * See Kai put in a

23 03, 2012
  • I-Know-When-You're-Naked

Awkward/Awesome: I Know When You’re Naked.

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Awkward: * Crying (really hard) over cooking fails. * When people come back onto your life and you aren't sure if you want them to stay. * Dex's new game called "Steal Your Boogie'. Because we say, "come here and let me steal your boogies" he now shoves his fingers in your nose and attempts

16 03, 2012
  • He's-Got-The-Beat

Awkward/Awesome: He’s Got The Beat.

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Awkward: * When you find out my husband is a photographer and say something like, "oh I would never pay someone to take photos. I can do it myself." Well... I'm sure glad Kai doesn't do portraits for a living. I hope advertisers don't start thinking that way. * When you find out my innermost

9 03, 2012
  • Food-Edition

Awkward/Awesome: Food Edition

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Awkward: * Getting 3 boxes of Little Debbies snack cakes because I couldn't decide which ones to get. Awkward because I don't like them. At all. Anyone else only taste a weird chemical after-taste? * My weird egg habits. I usually hate eggs but every few months I go through a phase of liking them