27 07, 2012
  • Nom-Nom-Nom

Awkward/Awesome: Nom Nom Nom

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Awkward: *When you find out someone is pregnant and you wonder how that baby will survive its parents stupidity. Yes, I'm pretty sure that makes me a terrible person. *Remembering that country living means mice, millipedes, ants, flies, and spiders. *Outside potty training. That's a lot of sunscreen. *The emotional overload I had while writing

20 07, 2012
  • Party Cannon

Awkward/Awesome: Party Cannon.

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Awkward: *When you meet a bunch of kids for the first time but you know all their names and ages and general personality traits.... Oh my gosh. I HAVE to stop stalking my friends on Facebook. *When your husband tells you that you are most like Pinky Pie on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

13 07, 2012
  • Really.... Again?

Awkward/Awesome: Really… Again?

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Awkward: *I just realized it's the 3rd Friday the 13th this year. That should really have been made clear to me before I got out of bed. *I popped the button off the pants I wanted to wear today. I decided to go ahead and wear them anyways and just make a stop at the

6 07, 2012
  • 411064_769741280554_845067663_o

Awkward/Awesome: Shorty.

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Awkward: I've been super nervous all week about giving a talk on Sunday. Awesome: They double booked speakers so I'm off the hook this week. Aww: It's a temporary reprieve.

29 06, 2012
  • lavender_cupcakes

Awkward/Awesome: Lavender Cupcakes.

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Awkward: * At one point there were 9 frogs attached to the outside of our living room window. Creepy. * June has been packed full of plans with family, friends, responsibilities, and fun. This would be an awesome if we didn't end up bailing on some of the plans because life happens. * I did

22 06, 2012
  • 476684_767717221784_632223873_o

Awkward/Awesome: Give Them Hell.

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Awkward: * "You know when a song comes on the radio and the lyrics are totally what you are feeling or dealing with and you wish you could just force everyone to listen to it so they'd know." ......um.... I do TOTALLY understand, girl in line in front of me at the Gap, but...you also

8 06, 2012
  • LQTM

Awkward/Awesome: LQTM

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  Awkward: *I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep at 3 am and I finally realize what LQTM means.... After seeing it on my cool nieces status updates and pinterest boards. lqtm, I was once 'hip' and 'with it'... * I told Kai I didn't want to do a public blog after all because

1 06, 2012
  • El-Luchidors

Awkward/Awesome: El Luchidors.

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  Awkward: * I intentionally listened to the Spice Girls this week. Enough said. * Every conversation I had this week occurring between 11 pm and 5 am. Not limited to: stolen cars, unrequited love, self defense, homemade deodorant, personal style, sex, bugs, baking, hiking, The Avengers, "you know how I know you're gay?", tv

25 05, 2012
  • Or-A-Gremlin

Awkward/Awesome: Or A Gremlin.

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    Awkward: * While chasing down 'Toddler Playland' in a storm: "No this wind, rain, and hail pelting my skin doesn't hurt at all. Not nearly as much as this asthma attack and adrenaline headache." * The creepy Luna moth that tried to attack me. I thought it was a bat.. or a gremlin.

18 05, 2012
  • Daaaaaang

Awkward/Awesome: Daaaaaang.

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Awkward: * Continually having to hike up my pants and then tuck in my undershirt. Yes I have my hand down my pants but I'm not gross, just awkward. * Catching a glimpse of myself in a window and loudly exclaiming, "daaaaang I look gooood!" Followed by an awkward silence because I was talking to