9 11, 2012
  • Don't-Judge-Me

Awkward/Awesome: Don’t Judge Me

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Awkward: We've moved from 'pig face' to 'crap face'. Going to church and leaving feeling verbally assaulted and emotionally exhausted. Think before you bring your personal and political views into church. They don't belong there. That slow-mo fall down the stairs while carrying a 34 pound 3 year old like a baby and hearing that

2 11, 2012
  • Pig-Face

Awkward/Awesome: Pig Face

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Awkward: My super freakout on the kids when they dumped all of our toy bins and tot school supplies in a pile on the floor for the third time that day. I was so upset I think I was breathing fire. All I had to do was look at them and they scrambled straight to

26 10, 2012
  • 547031_814098762804_35805658_n

Awkward/Awesome: Grandma’s Hormone Therapy

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Awkward: *Dex had his first true bloody nose from a run in with a table while chasing Veda and wearing a cloth bag on his head. Bad decisions all around. *Netflix has been woefully stocked for interesting shows/movies lately so I've been watching teen witchy show the last few nights which just made me miss

19 10, 2012
  • 404760_811264133424_957599742_n

Awkward/Awesome: Spilled Milk, No Tears

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Awkward: I'm the one who dropped a gallon of milk at Costco last week. But I did tell someone instead of just scurrying away... Mostly because there was a worker standing there... Glee 3rd season. Wow. Were they just trying to use any and every plot device known to man? Gay/Lesbian, teen pregnancy, losing an

12 10, 2012
  • Blood-Whiskey-and-An-Anniversary

Awkward/Awesome: Blood, Whiskey, and An Anniversary

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Awkward: Falling down while trying on pants. Embarrassing and super awkward. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they were too tight. Walking around with chalk handprints on my butt all morning. Kai walking around with a white paint stripe in his hair. Ah, the joys of home improvement. Kai's mom giving the

5 10, 2012
  • Time-Wasting-Crap-Fest

Awkward/Awesome: Time Wasting Crap Fests.

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  Awkward: Trying out some of the styles I think are so great is always an interesting experiment that often enough ends with someone asking if I meant to do that. Yikes. Strutting my stuff, feeling cute as can be all day, out running errands and I get home and realize I had peanut butter

31 08, 2012
  • traumatized

Awkward/Awesome: Traumatized

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Awkward: *I'm never waxing anything but my eyebrows again. I'm so traumatized. *I'm on the last season of my latest Netflix tv show binge. Now what am I going to do while folding clothes late at night? *Massive amounts of watered down apple juice and general junk make my kids not-so-adorably squirrelly. *I've definitely hit

17 08, 2012
  • Like-It's-1998

Awkward/Awesome: Like It’s 1998.

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Awkward: Veda is a biter. She gets that from me. Her creepy zombie go for the face move is all her though. Best thing I said at the state fair, "but I like the feeling of eminent death." I'm so excited for fall to come that I almost don't care that it will mean winter

10 08, 2012
  • Splash-Back

Awkward/Awesome: Splash-Back

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Awkward: Leaving the car door open while putting Dex in the cart at Costco and singing and dancing to peanut butter jelly time while a guy patiently waits for me to pause so he can tell me he's trying to get in the car next to us but my door is blocking him. He so

3 08, 2012
  • DSC_5132

Awkward/Awesome: Dress Up

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Awkward: *I sang a song from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to myself to calm down before I gave a talk in church last Sunday. Total truth. *Socks as a 'style accessory.' You really shouldn't wear socks with high heels unless you're a little girl playing dress up. Also, what's up with socks over