* I bought a dress 3 sizes too big because I really liked the fabric and every size smaller was just too short. Is it just me or is it suddenly incredibly hard to find modest dresses that don’t look like ‘mom clothes’? At least I’m really learning how to put together cute outfits and developing my personal style.
* Communal dressing rooms. Incredibly awkward for everyone else because I’m so awesome.
* I’m kind of Molly Mormon-ing out (for me, anyways) on decorating our space. Kai is putting up with a lot: wall art with quotes… maybe a wreath made out of buttons… painted furniture… Damn you Pinterest!
* Realizing how often I assume the worst of people after being burned by assuming the best. Even when it backfires I’d much rather assume the best than agonize over possible motives and second-guess everything.
* Me and accessories. I just don’t do jewelry, bags, belts, hair, makeup, etc. Love it all on everyone else, feel like an uncomfortable dork when I try to do it. Advice and feedback is always appreciated (even if it is not favorable). It will be even easier to tell me what you think since I’m starting a weekly style feature.
* Doing an impromptu photo shoot with the husband just because I was looking really adorable (that part is an awesome) and feeling like a huge dork trying to pose. If only he didn’t know my every thought and feeling! I’m going to need to put my confidence pants on to make this new endeavor work.

* To help meet some of my physical goals I’m already planning several vintage inspired photo shoots for myself, even planning a swimsuit shoot. I’m pretty lucky to be married to an awesome photographer.
* Choosing to not have a negative reaction in a really difficult situation. I made the decision and don’t even have the anger or resentment I’d normally have. It’s amazing. To be honest the negative feelings have creeped in now and then when something reminds me of it but I know spending my time and energy being upset only takes away time and energy I can use to do something I enjoy.
* Making mini galletes and smoothies with the trunk full of fresh fruits and veggies we got.
* Seeing The Lorax in the theater again. I ♥ rainy days and the excitement the kids have to do something special.
* Sitting in the car in the rain because the kids fell asleep on the way home and need a nap. They get their nap and I get to sit listen to the rain on the roof, catch up on blogs or pinterest, and bonus: Journey “Don’t Stop Believing” just came on. Does it get any better?