*Truck stops with unisex bathrooms and having to put the toilet seat down after a very large man comes out after a very long time. More gross than awkward.
*All of my Facebook status updates for the past 4 days have been made while peeing.
*Peeing on the side of the road in 30 degree weather then finding out there was a rest stop a mile down the road.
*When I eat too much fast food my pee starts to look and smell like chicken broth. You know you wanted to know that.
*5 of my 5 ‘awkwards’ contain information about me peeing.

*Sexy kisses from my husband at every pit stop. I missed you too.
*Dex’s 20 minute hugging session with Grandpa when we finally got to Iowa.
*My sister and brother in law plus 2 couples from church showed up to help us unload the truck. Unfortunately we wouldn’t arrive for another 5 hours. They were the only ones who didn’t get the update that we were delayed. I’ll make you all a special treat!
*My mother-in-law’s homemade chili and cornbread after 4 days of fast food.
*Kai and his dad unloaded the truck by themselves in about an hour. Way to use that manly man strength and lift with your knees fellas.