*I’m never waxing anything but my eyebrows again. I’m so traumatized.
*I’m on the last season of my latest Netflix tv show binge. Now what am I going to do while folding clothes late at night?
*Massive amounts of watered down apple juice and general junk make my kids not-so-adorably squirrelly.
*I’ve definitely hit a plateau in my weight loss… I guess a healthy diet and very erratic exercise can only do so much. Huh.
*Everyone always wants to give me a break from cooking or money to get something out so I don’t have to cook. Do these people know me at all?! I don’t function if I don’t cook.

*Kai replaced the broken screen on my phone. It’s so hot when he geeks out.
*Veda had one of the best little sister revenge moments ever. While they were playing in the kiddie pool she got a hold of the sprinkler and chased Dex all over the yard. Way to go, little cricket.
*I’ve been organizing like craaaazy all week. I love figuring out better, more efficient ways of doing things.
*Homemade lemonade made with local honey is the best. The only thing that could make it better than best is to drink it out of a mason jar.
*Monday I told my husband (out of the blue) he should take off next week to drive around the Midwest and take photos for his series. Yes. I am the best wife ever.