• I’m the one who dropped a gallon of milk at Costco last week. But I did tell someone instead of just scurrying away… Mostly because there was a worker standing there…
  • Glee 3rd season. Wow. Were they just trying to use any and every plot device known to man? Gay/Lesbian, teen pregnancy, losing an eye, teen marriage, suicide, texting while driving, losing the ability to walk, and I’m not even done with the season. Holy cow, it’s like they have to have a ‘very special episode’ every. single. episode.
  • Closing the hem of my dress in the trunk of my car but not realizing until I tried to walk away..
  • When I Will Always Love You came on the radio and of course I stopped everything and belted it out like a proper diva only to look over and see Dex and Veda staring at me. Dex said, “wow mommy, that was….interesting…”
  • All I want is Doritos. All the time. I can’t have them because of the msg. I’m almost willing to take the migraine for one taste of cool ranch goodness.


  • During the kids rest/nap time I put a movie on because I had a few things to get done and they didn’t seem very tired. Well apparently Veda was and she fell asleep after just a few minutes. Dex took off her shoes and went and got her blanket and her stuffed giraffe, Nanaa. Um… I honestly teared up a little when I saw him do that! Awesome big brother!
  • Veda is on the potty training wagon hard-core. She is pretty jealous of Dex wearing undies and getting to go potty in public restrooms all the time.
  • Making Halloween costumes! I am soooo excited! I don’t know how many excited sentences I can put in one awesome! I think the kids have finally decided though and I get to start creating!
  • We’re finally going to the pumpkin patch today! I’m ridiculously excited for the kids first trip to Vala’s.
  • Kai’s kickstarter project has passed the 10% mark! Check out his project, Jumping Fences and consider backing it. It is a really interesting project by a talented, up and coming photographer.