* If you leave your toilet lid up your bathroom is covered in a nice fine mist of poo water. Ditto for public restrooms. Just think of how much poo mist 4 toilets in 1 room would make. Is it any wonder I’m OCD?
* I don’t even know who played in the Super Bowl and I’m actually proud of that.
* The stinky feet breath that blue cheese pasta gives. Mmmm.
* I am hungry all the time. I can’t seem to eat enough. That would be fine but I think I’m developing a double chin….
* “I’ll tell you one thing, nothing acts that cute without some ulterior motive.”

* Yellow rain boots for Dex and Veda.
* Snow day cuddling with my husband.
* Veda’s little girl voice now that she says things like “no.” “Up.” “duck” etc.
* The snoctopus. Especially since it made the news. I guess it helps to have in-laws in high (media) places.
* Steve’s goulash. Whenever I make it I feel like my Dad is giving me a big hug.