* Changing out of skinny jeans and into a zip up sheath dress and tights in a moving car while trying not to let my feet touch the floor because it’s wet from all the snow and, obviously, not expose myself to the general public.
* Making eye contact with the people in the car next to us while pulling up said tights. Not that they could see anything but still pretty awkward. Can only respond to their weird look with a smile and a shrug.
* Going to the DMV. It has been my experience that if it’s not awkward and somewhat humiliating you aren’t doing it right.
* That sexy look you get when you’re about to sneeze.
* Car dancing.

* Running into old friends we actually enjoy seeing again. Especially ones who got KaiĀ and I together in the first place.
* Kai’s reaction every time I wear my skinny jeans. He makes me literally laugh out loud and yet I totally believe him.
* Having a creepy/awesome craving connection with my friend in Hawaii. An ocean (and quite a bit of land) may separate us but when you gotta have some Nutty Bars (or whatever you made for dinner), I gotta have some Nutty Bars (or whatever you made for dinner).
* Kai and I both staying up late to read different books on the same subject.
* My new blog is in the works!