*I just realized it’s the 3rd Friday the 13th this year. That should really have been made clear to me before I got out of bed.
*I popped the button off the pants I wanted to wear today. I decided to go ahead and wear them anyways and just make a stop at the fabric store for a new button. I didn’t realize I’d need a hammer to put the button together so I spent 10 minutes stomping on the button pantless in the parking lot.
*The sad state of my phone. Several cracks in the screen and now the front panel doesn’t fit right. I guess dropping it several times a day and using it to play catch with toddlers isn’t covered on warranty. Rip off.
*I pulled so many weeds from between the bricks on the patio that I still see them when I close my eyes. I’m having terrible flashbacks to weeding the vegetable and flower gardens as a child.
*The millipede infestation that has withstood all of the ‘natural deterrent’ methods I’ve tried (all both of them). I can’t stand the sight of those little creepers and it’s only July.

*All the people I know who are having babies right now. Am I just having baby fever and am hyper aware of these chubby little puke factories?
*Photo days with my husband. I love going out and spending hours shooting side by side and coming home to see how completely different our views were.
*Justifying our Orange San Pellegrino (or hello… Blood Orange, yum!) habit because we aren’t drinking soda anymore. Please don’t remind me that they are just as bad and let me keep my happy sunshine drink.
*The little boy who followed Veda around for an hour after she growled psychotically at him.
*Dex telling everyone he meets he’s a “cool guy.”