* Dex: “No, you *need* to put it on my butt.” “I’m too sad to open the door.” “I don’t like to eat dogs anymore.” “Oh, so cute (when we saw deer poop in the yard).” And “No, *you* will poop rainbows, Mommy.”
* When I warn Veda not to do something she gives me a dirty look and shakes her finger at me. It’s so cute to everyone else, awkward for me when I have to force her away from whatever trouble she’s causing. Yes, I’m the big mean mommy.
* I made an appointment with the doctors office I used to work for, telling the receptionist I wonder if I still know anyone there. She said, “oh good Lord I hope not…”
* After 6 years of being mostly acne free I say hello, minocycline, my old friend. Please work your terrible magic and give me another 6 years of freedom.
* Veda just can’t stand to see Duke in his dog kennel and feeds him one piece of dog food every few minutes until we finally break down and let him out.

* The Strawberry Shortcake tin my in-laws found for me. I ♥ my in-laws.
* My husband was the toddler Whisperer all week.
* Seeing some of my favorite Derm people while I popped in for some pills, yo.
* THE frosting recipe my mother-in-law gave me. I will use until I die. Don’t bother asking for it, I’m hoarding it for myself.
* All the hard work Kai and his dad have been putting into the basement.