*When you meet a bunch of kids for the first time but you know all their names and ages and general personality traits…. Oh my gosh. I HAVE to stop stalking my friends on Facebook.
*When your husband tells you that you are most like Pinky Pie on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. When I gave him ‘the look’ he asked if he should have said I am most like Twilight Sparkle. He had valid reasons and after watching a few episodes I can totally see it. There is no part of that that isn’t awkward.
*Dex has been asking for a bike every. single. day. since his birthday in April. I finally said maybe for Christmas. Now he asks every. single. day. if it’s Christmas and he can have a bike maybe, please??
*Sweaty pit marks halfway to my waist because it was hot and I was super nervous. Made even better because I couldn’t stop drawing attention to them and how hot and nervous I was.
*Wearing 4 inch heels while chasing a 3 year old and 2 year old. It also involves a lot of coordination which I severely lack.

*Strawberry cupcakes for Veda’s birthday.
*I ran out of cupcakes liners and made my own out of parchment paper. I doubt I will ever buy cupcake liners again! They were a little rustic and added a lot of charm.
*Veda turned 2 years old this week. She is so smart and funny and full of joy. I’m so thankful she’s part of our family.
*It’s tomato sandwich time! We are finally getting tomatoes from our garden.
*Getting to sit outside with Kai and look at a sky filled with stars. It may be hard to be here but the view is amazing.