* While chasing down ‘Toddler Playland’ in a storm: “No this wind, rain, and hail pelting my skin doesn’t hurt at all. Not nearly as much as this asthma attack and adrenaline headache.”
* The creepy Luna moth that tried to attack me. I thought it was a bat.. or a gremlin.
* Dex styling a tee and rainboots and nothing in between while we were eating dinner. That is hardcore nakey bottom potty training right there. The rainboots suddenly seem like an inspired choice.
* I blush when Kai says “hey girl” like the Ryan Gosling meme. My sexy husband makes me (sexy wife) blush by making fun of sexy Ryan Gosling. There’s just too much sexy going on.
* During a recent photo session I used my latent gymnastics skills (and innate grace) to fall off a fence, slip in mud, and sit in wet flowers. I bet those photos will be awesome.

* Going down the slides in the Old Market with the kids. Even better when I remember to wear pants. Although according to the weird guy who gave me thumbs up it’s not bad when I wear a skirt either.
* We had our first salad from our garden! So utterly delicious.
* Grandparents who offer to babysit so we can have some us time. Temple and a date in the same week? Thank you!
* Some moms cheering when Veda stood up for herself to a mean boy at the park. Veda told him “NO!” and stepped back when he tried to hit her and he fell over and started crying. She patted his arm and helped him up.
* Sneaking an ice cream cone with the husband when the kids fall asleep in the car and we have nowhere to be.