* I sprained my ankle while working out. It’s a sign.
* “You’re not a klutz, you’re… awkward.” Thanks, Dad.
* Yes, I am going to my 10 year reunion. It will be really great. Just me and…. Hmm… Just me.
* The 24 week course costs how much?!
* The relief of letting go of friendships that were one-sided. Especially awkward figuring out it was all on my side.

* Bird in a nest. aka frog in the hole. aka egg in a basket. Especially when made at 2 am by my loving husband.
* Insanity. My buns of steel have buns of steel but no bulk. Nice.
* I’ve got 3 more friends riding the homemade deodorant and no ‘poo train. You’re next.
* “D. E. X. Dex. I’m Dex. D. E. X. Dex.”
* Veda: “meow”
Kai: “Veda, are you a kitty?”
Veda: “no.”
Kai: “because kitties say meow”
Veda: “no”
Kai: “do you say anything besides no?”
Veda: “meow.”