*When you find out someone is pregnant and you wonder how that baby will survive its parents stupidity. Yes, I’m pretty sure that makes me a terrible person.
*Remembering that country living means mice, millipedes, ants, flies, and spiders.
*Outside potty training. That’s a lot of sunscreen.
*The emotional overload I had while writing my talk for church. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or a bad sign.
*When you say “nom, nom, nom” to Veda she bites your face.

*Lying on the grass watching the stars with my husband.
*Lying on the grass watching the clouds with Dex and Veda.
*Proving I can still climb a tree. Take that Kate! (10 points to anyone who gets that reference.)
*We’ll be speaking in church this Sunday which means everyone has to listen to me for 20 minutes without interrupting.
*When a song I know all the words to comes on the radio I stop whatever I’m saying and sing the whole song then resume where I left off like nothing happened.