* A cold sore the day before an interview. Thank you boy who kissed me in kindergarten during ‘boys chase girls’, I so appreciate you giving me ‘whore lip’. Note: I went anyways even though I was horribly embarrassed and self conscious. So don’t judge people with cold sores. It probably was the fault of some 5 year old jerk who didn’t understand boundaries and personal space.
* Creating an exercise board on pinterest instead of actually exercising. I called it “. Exercise – Inspire/ Empower. Yes. It is really helping me be inspired and empowered to start strong and stay strong….. Next week.
* Actually considering leggings. I have been even more morally opposed to leggings than I was to skinny jeans but they’d give me more dress and skirt options by making length not quite as much of an issue. Obviously mini skirts and super short dresses would still be out. I guess the biggest issues are 1) I’m not sure leggings are not just plain stupid and 2) is it cheating to wear leggings or tights with a dress or skirt length you wouldn’t feel comfortable with otherwise?
* I’m starting to be a little embarrassed at what a negative person I’ve always been. I have been seeing a lot of people posting negative blog posts, status updates, and tweets and they are so offputting. Of course no one talks to you, all you do is complain and look for attention (I’ve been there and am working on it every day.). Choose how you react and choose to have a good attitude. Even I am able to successfully be grateful and optimistic when I make the decision to be.
* Full Disclosure: this was a no good awful week involving (but unfortunately not limited to) a cold sore, a less than promising interview, 3 shopping trips for a dress for me that resulted in me feeling ugly, fat, and unable to find anything I can wear modestly, a very yucky no good dinner out, stepping into a big mud lagoon that smelled suspicious, we made a decision to stop eating processed foods for our health (my migraines and thyroid issues especially) and everyone seems hell bent on derailing that decision, we haven’t been able to finish conference yet, had a meeting sprung on us through back channels that are both inappropriate and piss me off, several tearful conversations, and surprise I’m going to start my period. Whew, that was awkward. I’m glad we’re all so close I could put that out for all of you to read and share in that awkwardness.
*Even with all that I still managed to find a few good things that happened to me to talk about with the kids at bedtime and so much to be thankful for each day in my prayers. That’s an awesome right there.

* Kai and Dex picked out my absolutely favorite flowers to cheer me up during my no good awful week.
* Dex: “Veda’s a girl.”
Me: “oh, are you a girl too?”
Dex: “No, I’m a Dex. I’m a cool guy.”
Me: “Oh. Is Daddy a girl?”
Dex: “No, Daddy’s a cool guy too.”
Kai: “Is Mommy a girl?”
Dex: “Um…No.”
Kai: “Is Mommy a lady?”
Dex: “Um…no.”
Kai: “Is Mommy a princess?”
Dex: “No, Mommy’s a Mommy! My best friend.” said as if being a mommy is the absolute best thing he could ever think of.
* This general conference has been exactly what I needed. I am so thankful for the opportunity to listen, learn, and apply.
* Veda: “Shoes! Mine?…Mine!” Oh dear.
* Kai telling me something sweet and amazing everyday and making me know I’m everything he sees in me.