* Wind gusts while wearing a skirt. We’ve all been there. Wind gusts while the person wearing a skirt in front of you is not wearing underwear. Pretty awkward for everyone.
* Yellow tights. I automatically think you peed yourself.
* A friend of the family sent me a nice message saying, “I heard you’re writing for some blogs and starting your own. Of course you’ll be a good blog writer… all the good ones are bi-polar too.” Wha–??… I’m not… uh.. I mean… um.. thank you?
* Teenage boys lately. First free water and then one said, “wow you rock the ‘naughty librarian’ look.” I’m going to take that as a compliment. Here’s to YOU Mrs. Robinson.
* Having “Teenage Dream” stuck in my head ALL week. Thanks, Katy Perry.

* Hot chocolate. Whipped cream makes it double awesome.
* Talking to 2 of my sisters, my mom AND my dad all in one week. Who’s a rock star? Oh wait, they called me, so they are.
* Veda wearing polka dots, ruffles, AND stripes.
* Kai in his professional clothes. I am a fan of that.
* Me: “Dex, are you going to be a photographer like Daddy and Grandpa when you grow up?”
Dex: “Ok!”
Me: “Are you going to be a dinosaur when you grow up?”
Dex: “Yes!.. Raaawr.”
Me: “Dex, are you going to grow up to be a fireman who drives the firetruck?”
Dex: “YES! I will! I promise.”