* There’s no way to hide having just eaten a bag of Cheetos in a moment of insanity. Orange fingers don’t lie.
* I wore skinny jeans with my hightop converse kicks. I admit it. Stop judging me!
* Everyone now scrutinizing me, wondering if I really AM pregnant. (100% not pregnant at this time.)
* Veda has been licking my face instead of giving kisses. Thanks lil kitty.
* Making anything into a dirty joke. Once you start, you can’t stop.

* A zoo worker took us through a secret door in the jungle to go to a secret elevator so I wouldn’t have to haul our double stroller up a massive flight of stairs.
* The basement floor is finished!
* Dex: “oh mommy, you’re sooo pretty. Get UP!”
* Zoo pass!! Which means weekly zoo trips for Tot School.
* Kai, speaking of my legendary control behind the wheel: “my wife has this awesome ability to throw a late 90s Ford Escort into a glorious and lurid power slide on gravel roads.”