*Caring enough to try to keep a 100% in Spider Solitaire by undoing all my previous moves and starting over without having to take a hit.
*Checking babies/toddlers for poops in public.
*My skin lately. What the crap, yo? Did you not hear I’m 27?
*Crying in front of anyone. I’m sure I cry very prettily, like the completely unrealistic crying actresses accomplish in movies. Looking braveĀ and tragic. Yep, I totally do that instead of getting all blotchy and snot-nosed. Definitely.
*Having an awesome 20 inch(?) marble statue of Jesus with toddlers around. And moving it 4 times. If feels weird to pray He doesn’t get broken. He always rides shotgun with a seatbelt though, which is AWESOME.

*Having not just one but 3 people to go see Breaking Dawn with next week that I don’t have to 1)Pay or 2)Beg.
*Dex’s awesome southern drawl that only exists when he says yes. As in, “Yay-us.”
*When you check baby/toddler for poops in public and find out it was a false alarm.
*My hair lately. Thank you no ‘poo method.
*My husband, all the time. But especially the last few weeks. Completely awesome in every way.