* Crying (really hard) over cooking fails.
* When people come back onto your life and you aren’t sure if you want them to stay.
* Dex’s new game called “Steal Your Boogie’. Because we say, “come here and let me steal your boogies” he now shoves his fingers in your nose and attempts to steal your boogies. Whether you have any or not. Favorite places to play: at church,┬áin restaurants, or at the doctors office.
* My awesome and mystical ability to call people when they are naked and/or about to shower. 4 times this week alone. What can I say, I like to think about you when your naked.
* My normally awesome knife skills failed terribly when I sliced into my finger through half of my fingernail while chopping veggies.

* Cubscouts is probably the most fun calling I will ever get.
* This week marks 11 years since Kai and I went on our first date. I’ve never gone a day without talking to him or a week not holding his hand.
* I’m still ridiculously excited for The Hunger Games.
* The playhouse, slide, and climbing gym we got for the kids birthdays. They have been freaking out since we first looked at them.
* Dex and Veda cheering each other on when they are playing or doing tot school. I’ve got awesome kids.