* When you find out my husband is a photographer and say something like, “oh I would never pay someone to take photos. I can do it myself.” Well… I’m sure glad Kai doesn’t do portraits for a living. I hope advertisers don’t start thinking that way.
* When you find out my innermost dream is to own a bakery and say something like, “I would never buy anything from a bakery, Walmart just does it so well and it’s so much cheaper.” Awesome. My dream is worth less to you than a Walmart cake.
* When meal planning this week I forgot Pi Day AND St. Patrick’s Day. I’m a terrible redheaded baker. These are my holidays, yo.
* My unfailingly positive attitude while working out this week. “Belt kicks? Awesome, I love these. They hurt so good! Oh, cardio ab work? This hurts but I feel so badass! Good form, Kai. Doesn’t this stretch feel so good?”
* Telling my 3 year old son and 2 year old niece to be careful running down the hill seconds before tripping and falling end over elbows all the way down. Followed by Dex kissing my cheek and saying, “Be more careful Mommy!”

* So many of you gave me suggestions and resources to help me decide on a culinary school. Thanks guys!
* Dex singing and dancing. He sings loud and proud unless anyone else is paying attention. Yeah… He’s got the beat.
* Veda standing up for herself. That’s my girl.
* Making pies for Pi Day.
* Choosing to have a positive attitude. It may not come naturally to me but by golly it makes a big difference.