* Having to walk across town with a numbed up face after my dentist appointment. Please ignore the drool and vacant expression.
* A guy I went to high school with doing a slow drive by with a “heeeey baaaaaaby”. I’m SO glad to be living here. Really.
* See Kai put in a beautiful square foot garden. See it in the wrong spot. See Kai relocating the beautiful square foot garden and re-sodding the previous location. Poor Kai.
* Veda has started to toot and then say “ta da!”
* The choppy, slightly odd haircut Dex got while sitting perfectly still. At least I’ve never given him a bald patch. Even more awkward, someone said “oh you decided to do it yourself again?” Ouch. Nope we paid for that one.

* Kai asleep on couch. Kit annoyed because we are supposed to work out. Kit: “dodgeball!” No response. Kit: <throwing an actual dodgeball at his face> “Dodgeball!” Kai is now awake. Nice.
* Dex saying, “Mommy, it’s SPICY!” like Stefon on SNL.
* Positive thinking. I’m not only trying to see the glass half full, I’m drinking all the lemonade (made out of life’s lemons) in it.
* I totally stood up to a situation last night in a weirdly vivid dream. I’m going to assume that means good things.
* Homemade granola is so good. I had no idea how good. It’s like freshly shredded cheese compared to the cornstarch and sugar covered packaged pre-shredded stuff. Once you switch you can never go back.