* “You know when a song comes on the radio and the lyrics are totally what you are feeling or dealing with and you wish you could just force everyone to listen to it so they’d know.” ……um…. I do TOTALLY understand, girl in line in front of me at the Gap, but…you also sound like a crazy person telling me that out of nowhere. Just link to it on Facebook like normal people. But when they see your face I hope it DOES give them hell (hope it gives them hell).
* My indoor plants are all dying slow painful deaths while our garden is an overgrown jungle.
* People telling me all their dirty laundry and then not talking to me for months. Learn to filter, I’m not your dumpster. Yes, I realize I mixed metaphors.
* I really enjoy crappy chick-lit and ‘hey girl’.
* Passive-aggressive behavior.Awesome:
*Dex: “I have a father!”
Me: “yep, daddy is your father.”
Dex: “I’d like a train father.”
(not to be confused with “I’d like a train, father.”)
* I’m super excited to go see Brave with the kids. Finally another movie with a proper redhead!
* Veda kisses the burn scar on my arm every night before bed and gives it ‘feel better’ hugs.
* I told Kai we should go to Comicon sometime and ensured my status as best wife ever because he knows I’d totally geek out too.
* My confidence is at its highest point even though I feel like it should be at its lowest. I’m finally happy with who I am right now while also continuing to strive to be better.