* Getting 3 boxes of Little Debbies snack cakes because I couldn’t decide which ones to get. Awkward because I don’t like them. At all. Anyone else only taste a weird chemical after-taste?
* My weird egg habits. I usually hate eggs but every few months I go through a phase of liking them but only 1 way at a time. And then I won’t touch eggs for 2 or 3 months. Weirdo.
* Raw chicken. I can barely look at it let alone touch it. And if I think about cooked chicken being previously raw I can’t eat it.
* My tragic inability to make pancakes. They are always hard, rubbery, and undercooked all at the same time.
* Ketchup is rarely seen at our house. It is only to be used as an ingredient, never a stand alone condiment. I gag when I see you dip French fries in it. Because it’s gross. You are gross.

* Hot sauce. The more the yummier. Even better, chipotle hot sauce. Or our new favorite, sriracha.
* Fresh herbs from the windowsill taste so much better than fresh herbs from the store. I will ALWAYS find a way to have an herb garden from now on.
* My fries generally get dipped in only 2 things. Mustard (yellow, brown, etc but not honey mustard. Sick.) Or fry sauce. But only homemade fry sauce. You don’t know what fry sauce is?! You’re dead to me.
* I have decided to go to culinary school in the next year. I haven’t decided where but I would like a baking/pastry specific program. Feel free to tell me I’m NOT crazy, I need positive reinforcement.
* Lemon pasta is the best thing ever.
* I can’t wait for our garden this summer. Here is the perfect thing about a home garden (and what I’ve missed in the 10 years since I left home): walking out to the garden at lunch time and picking your lunch.