* The amazing face plant I took while walking up some stairs. We’re talking bruises, rug burn, and twisted ankle. Since I was holding Veda it was total mom ninja reflexes that allowed me to take the full hit while protecting her. Good to know my clumsiness is trumped by being a mom.
* The creepy townies hanging out at the gas stations in small Missouri towns.
* FeelingĀ all mother bear when people make off-hand comments about Dex and Veda.
* When I sing along to music that has bad words I use adorable replacement words. I’m excessively cute that way.
* I thought a weekly outfit photo would be easy. Not so much in rural Iowa. Need to scout some more locations, have better weather, work around toddler schedules, and buy some shoes. Any excuse to buy shoes, you know?

* Dex and Veda playing together. Sure they fight now and then but for the most part they are best friends.
* All my projects in the last week turned out great! FYI canvas transfers are super fun and a great, cheap way to perk up a room.
* I lost 5 more pounds! I should stop exercising more often.
* Long talks with the husband that make me feel like we can do anything.
* The birthday cake tradition we started with the kids. I bake banana cake for Dex’s birthday and strawberry cake for Veda’s. Who knows what future children might get. Pineapple upsidedown cake?