*I sang a song from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to myself to calm down before I gave a talk in church last Sunday. Total truth.
*Socks as a ‘style accessory.’ You really shouldn’t wear socks with high heels unless you’re a little girl playing dress up. Also, what’s up with socks over pants? I am all for layering but really?
*People who say things like “just sayin'” and “I know, right?” What are you 12? You are on my list.
*I tried on a pair of sparkly hooker shoes and tried to convince Kai I needed them by doing some exciting dance moves. Falling down in the store could be considered an epic fail by some but luckily for me Kai totally goes for girls who fall down a lot.
* At age 28 I’m going to learn how to swim. I think…. Maybe… Water is dangerous you know! And… I wear contacts… So…

*Polka dot Converse kicks.
*Leading my cub scouts on a stealth mission to take out their moms with the mini bow and arrows we made. I was pretty proud of their kill shots.
*Watching the stars come out with Kai and the kids. Dex points out each star and Veda points out the moon over and over.
*Making up weird songs and dances to sing with the kids. And people think musicals aren’t realistic. I totally break out in song and dance at the grocery store. Especially when they finally have kale.
*I made a sign that says ‘be awesome today’ but I realized I’m so naturally awesome I can’t be any awesomer just by trying.