• We’ve moved from ‘pig face’ to ‘crap face’.
  • Going to church and leaving feeling verbally assaulted and emotionally exhausted. Think before you bring your personal and political views into church. They don’t belong there.
  • That slow-mo fall down the stairs while carrying a 34 pound 3 year old like a baby and hearing that eerily loud crack from my ankle while trying to avoid crushing him.
  • Tripping and sinking my front tooth into the top of Dex’s head hard enough to loosen my tooth but luckily not cause damage to Dex’s head. Then he apologized for bumping my tooth. Sorry kid, your mom has just lost all pretense of gracefulness.
  • Playing in the massively huge leaves by the giraffe house at the zoo is apparently discouraged by other zoo patrons but seriously encouraged by zoo employees. Lighten up, strict family who were sending irritated judgey looks our way and the only ones not laughing and shrieking with joy watching the giraffes running around trying to get the ostriches away from their hang out. *If you have never seen a giraffe run… fix that right now! It is amazingly hilarious.


  • This great sliced ham we found, spread with cream cheese and wrapped around a dill pickle. Don’t judge me.
  • A girl was shocked at my age (28) and said she thought I was 21 tops. Bless her lying little heart.
  • Veda is well on her way to being potty trained without even starting nakey bottom yet.
  • Cottage cheese with cinnamon and honey. Don’t judge me.
  • Jumping Fences is a fully backed project! Thank you everyone who made it a success!