* Continually having to hike up my pants and then tuck in my undershirt. Yes I have my hand down my pants but I’m not gross, just awkward.
* Catching a glimpse of myself in a window and loudly exclaiming, “daaaaang I look gooood!” Followed by an awkward silence because I was talking to myself out loud again.
* Super big hugs after the kids had peanut butter toast for breakfast. Mmmm now my hair will smell and taste like peanut buttery goodness all day. I say awkward though some might say awesome.
* Stepping on an open wet diaper first thing in the morning. I’m glad the kids can strip themselves to sit on the potty but a little warning please. Although I’m thinking of having them run around nakey bottom to speed up potty training. Anybody have good results with that?
* The scale says I lost 5 pounds but my pants say I gained 10. I’m going to side with the scale and assume the pants shrunk….after 5+ washings…

* I have a thing for photographers. Especially ones who trespass and jump fences and rock old school darkroom skills. You should have a thing for them too.
* A few of my favorite things this week: Blue pants. Red shoes. Orange belts. Yellow headbands. Probably not all at once.
* My blog will be back up soon! As soon as Kai can fix everything for me. I really think he should finish work for my hobby before working on legitimate work but apparently he’s like, responsible and junk.
* I have sisters coming to visit in a few weeks! Having 5 sisters is kind of the best.
* Dex: “my Valerie is coming to visit me too?! I have my Valerie AND my Debbie coming to see me?”
Veda: “NO! My Valy. My Debbie. No Dex. No.”