* The drunk and crabby old man who ordered me off his property while we were taking photos. One instance in which being sweet and unassuming did not help me. Next time post it, crabby pants.
* 2 days of fever induced crazy talk + 1 day of concussion induced crazy talk = just part of a normal week for me.
* “Ew, no more processed food for me!”……….”Why yes, I would like a Coke!”
* Dex: “Daddy, did you know I can make noises with my mouth AND my butt!”
* Veda is now into hair clips, shoes, and clothes. What happens when she turns 2?

* Being married to that one person who always knows, always gets it, and never gives up.
* Veda got her very own potty chair. Yep. My worst potty fear has become my greatest potty wish: both kids potty training at the same time. We are fully stocked with M&Ms, DumDums, and stickers.
* Dex and Veda are the best way to wake up. They are so happy and excited to start a new day. Way less annoying then the alarm clock and the snooze button (pulling them up to cuddle for a few minutes) is pretty awesome.
* Sometimes I break into song and dance in public places. Definitely awesome when strangers start singing too.
* Getting chased off of private property as a couple is so much more fun than when you’re by yourself.