* Painting toenails in the car. Even more so whilst wearing skinny jeans.
* Being super excited that the sequel to Divergent just came out. I ♥ dystopians and I don’t care if it’s weird I’m 27 and I ♥ young adult books.
* After working all day I get to come home covered in a fine mist of fake butter spray.
* Some people put sugar in egg salad. Even worse some people put fake sugar in egg salad. Ga-ross.
* I only have 2 more episodes of Buffy left to watch and Veronica Mars isn’t on Netflix anymore?!
* Forevermore I won’t be referencing skidding on bouncy balls when I say “balls!” when frustrated, angry, or upset. I will be referencing the several dozen quarter inch fondant balls I rolled today.
* People who ask if I’m graduating from high school this year after I just mentioned my 3 year old and almost 2 year old.
* The awkward tampon exchange. When someone asked me if they could ‘borrow’ a tampon I said, “go ahead and keep it.” Awkward silence. I gave her a couple and she said, “Oh 2? Thanks!” I said, “A spare is just as good as a strike.” I’m not sure why these things come out of my mouth.

* While eating the pumpkin muffins we made together the night before, Dex said to Kai, “My mommy made beautiful bread! It’s so yummy!”
* Successful shopping! So many cute things now in my closet.
* Sweet love notes from my husband at random times.
* Being surprisingly functional this week while getting 2 hours of sleep each night. Cupcakes are the new newborn.
* Fun photo shoots with the husband.
* I find it perfectly acceptable to wear a bright purple shirt, jeans, pink headband, and aqua Converse kicks to work… or anytime.
* Big open arms waving in the air and a top of the lungs “MAMA!” when I get home. Or come back from another room. Or just because.
* I had a lot of really crappy moments today but instead of saying “what a craptastic day!” I just kept going and kept thinking of everything that was going well.