These were all separate conversations this week:
* Being deleted and blocked for saying that as Christians we should have compassion instead of judgement and encourage sex education as opposed to banning abortion.
* Being told I’m a bad Christian because of my stance on gay marriage. I am for legalizing same sex marriage.
* Being told I am naive and ‘too compassionate for my own good’ for not assuming all people on welfare or receiving child support are dead beats, drug addicts, or child abusers.
* Being told I’m a bad LDS because I do not support Mitt Romney.
* Being told I shouldn’t be so open and honest about being molested as a child and raped as a teenager.

* Hearing Dex and Veda laugh as they play together.
* Fresh herbs growing in the window sill.
* Kai telling me how much grace and poise I have shown through the trials in my life so far and how proud he is to be with me.
* Gigi (Kai’s 92 year old Grandmother) surprising us with a snowball fight.
* The way the sunlight lights up our room and makes it feel like spring time when we wake up.