10 11, 2013
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Day 10 Here We Go, Go, Go.

By |November 10th, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

Today we had a meeting with a member of the Bishopric before church. We both suspected a new calling for one or both of us and I had a feeling I knew where we'd be put. We've both been called to teach in Primary, but we are kind of filling in in separate classes until

9 11, 2013
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Day 9: In Progress

By |November 9th, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

So today I had like 3 or 4 post it notes and photos ready to use. We were out all day and I couldn't post any of them until now. As I just sat down to choose one and write this post I keep looking over at this Willow Tree figurine. One of the kids

8 11, 2013
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Day 8: NIP

By |November 8th, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

So I've nursed 3 babies.  I have nursed in many, many places and situations. I've nursed covered with a nursing cover, blanket, jacket, burp cloth, towel. Uncovered completely, partially, whatever. In a restaurant, in the car, in a box, with a fox, on the beach, and in a grocery store while pushing a cart full

7 11, 2013
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Day 7: Target

By |November 7th, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

Today we had to make a Target run. I bet a lot of you don't really give it much thought when you run to Target. I have to orchestrate a trip to Target. I have 3 children under 5. That means that I have to make a choice. I can strap Gus into a sling

6 11, 2013

Day 6: BFF

By |November 6th, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

Dex and Veda. They have always been together. Those 15 months that Dex was here before Veda came along... well.. someone had to get things ready. Today, like most days, we went for a walk and there they were racing each other and piling up leaves for the other one to run through. I love

5 11, 2013

Day 5: Late Nights

By |November 5th, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

I don't have much to say about this one. My husband and I are lucky to not have much trouble finding things to talk about. Conversation always flows pretty freely between us. But when we've got a late night... we always seem to get into these amazing discussions that inspire me and make me think

4 11, 2013

Day 4: This block is hot.

By |November 4th, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

When we realized we would be moving we didn't really know what to expect. We didn't know much about the area or what we could find to fit all 5 of us in our price range. We were pretty sure we'd be stuck in a tiny, scary apartment probably in a sketchy part of town.

3 11, 2013

Day 3: Game On

By |November 3rd, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

Every Sunday night we play games together. So far they have been some kind of video game because Dex is really into them and that is the only time we get them out. So now he asks every morning and every afternoon and every night if it is game night. EVERY morning. EVERY afternoon. EVERY night.

2 11, 2013

Day 2: Seeing the world through my husbands photographs.

By |November 2nd, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

Today my husband posted something to his Instagram. He's not really a frequent poster to any of the social medias so I took notice, also he tagged me so it was hard not to. The photos were some beautiful shots of Dex and Veda playing in a leaf pile. I had been resting because I

1 11, 2013
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Day 1: I’m thankful every day.

By |November 1st, 2013|Categories: Thankful All Year|

Here's the thing. Every November for the past few years I have done the 30 Days of Thanksgiving. And every year someone complains about having to read everyone's 'I'm thankful for..' posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This year I noticed a meme going around that says something like, "oh good, we get to hear how