9 10, 2012
  • sandwich

Why I Link To Recipes…

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I've had several people ask why I only have links on pages marked recipes. My answer is complicated. When I post my meal plans I try to link to every site I got a recipe from. At this point, I don't like to repost a recipe in full because I didn't create it and I

8 10, 2012
  • salmon-cakes

Meal Plan: Salmon Cakes with Risotto and Asparagus

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We were incredibly busy this last week (and still not feeling well) so we needed fast meals every night. The only meal that took longer than 5-30 minutes was the fried chicken which was our Sunday dinner. Gigi, short for Great-Grandma, came out to the house and it was so nice having a family dinner

5 10, 2012
  • Time-Wasting-Crap-Fest

Awkward/Awesome: Time Wasting Crap Fests.

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  Awkward: Trying out some of the styles I think are so great is always an interesting experiment that often enough ends with someone asking if I meant to do that. Yikes. Strutting my stuff, feeling cute as can be all day, out running errands and I get home and realize I had peanut butter

2 10, 2012
  • Alexi_web_016

Life: Standing On The Tracks In A Prom Dress…

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Since my life kind of exploded into craziness (I went to college, got married, moved, got a cat, moved, graduated college, moved, had a baby, moved thrice, had another baby and moved again.) about the same time my nieces and nephews entered their teen years, I don't really know them very well anymore. I guess

1 10, 2012
  • chili

Meal Plan: Chili

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This meal plan was from when we returned from our vacation in Okoboji, IA. The weather had cooled off and was rainy, drizzly, and completely fall. So all we wanted that week was soup and pasta. We froze half of the Chili to have for lunch the next week and ate leftovers of everything else